The lovely hound in
this picture was
my  neighbor's dog
Jill, she was a
doll baby, and we
miss her very much.♥
To the left is our dog, Person.  
He is a cattle dog mix.
I spotted him on Petfinder, and
drove up to New Kent Animal
Control to get him.  He is a
wonderful joy.  When we got him,
it was discovered he had
heartworms, but he came through
the treatment just fine and is
doing fabulous! In March of
2010, he passed his obedience
lessons, and I am very proud of
all that he has accomplished!
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Barney was my
first dog. He
lived to be over
17 years old.  I
think he was part
dachshund, and
part beagle.  I
adopted him as a
stray from
Virginia Beach
Animal Control.♥
This is a picture of
Milton.  He was dumped
where I worked in 1994.
He passed away from a
rare form of cancer in
2008, and I still think
of him daily.  He was
my buddy.  Even at
4 a.m., when he was
batting me on the face.♥
Here is our dog Gracie.  She
was born in 1993. We acquired
her from Portsmouth Animal
Control. What a riot she was.
She passed away from cancer
in 2004.I loved to watch her
play with Milton and Barney.♥
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pet...if so refresh this page and
see what Petfinder can find you!

Harlowe and
Person, our
two dogs. This
used to be my
chaise lounge,
but I normally
have to share.