The cute hound in this
picture is
our dog
Tallulah. She is
mostly beagle but part
rapscallion for sure.
To the left is our dog, Person.  
He was a cattle dog mix.
I spotted him on Petfinder, and
drove up to New Kent Animal
Control to get him in 2009.  He
was a wonderful joy.  We lost
him to likely cancer in early
April 2018. Words cannot express
how much I miss him.
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Barney was my
first dog. He
lived to be over
17 years old.  I
think he was part
dachshund, and
part beagle.  I
adopted him as a
stray from
Virginia Beach
Animal Control.♥
This is a picture of
Milton.  He was dumped
where I worked in 1994.
He passed away from a
rare form of cancer in
2008, and I still think
of him daily.  He was
my buddy.  Even at
4 a.m., when he was
batting me on the face.♥
Here is our dog Gracie.  She
was born in 1993. We acquired
her from Portsmouth Animal
Control. What a riot she was.
She passed away from cancer
in 2004.I loved to watch her
play with Milton and Barney.♥
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pet...if so refresh this page and
see what Petfinder can find you!

Harlowe and
Person. This
used to be my
chaise lounge,
but I normally
have to share. ♥