Visit Type
Get Acquainted
- Initial consultation
  • answering questions
  • meeting your pets
  • paperwork
  • key transfer
  • going over instructions
  • 30-90 minutes

Drop In

Drop In rates for clients
within 5 miles
(due to gas prices)

$15 per visit
up to 2 pets

$18 per visit
3 pets or more
  • Quick potty break
  • litter box scooping
  • feeding (food left down)
  • Average 10-15 minutes
Regular Visit
$18 per visit
up to 2 pets
  • For 1-2 pets
  • supervised feedings
  • playtime
  • For one-visit-a-day cats
  • Average 30 minutes
Extended Visit
$20 per visit
3 or more pets
  • Special needs pets
  • Multi-pet households(3-5)
  • Average 45 minutes
Hourly Care
$25 per hour
  • 1 hour increments of care
  • premier service
  • outpouring of TLC
  • minimum of 60 minutes
Little critters
if watched with
other pets
depends on
individual needs
  • hamsters
  • gerbils
  • birds
Key duplication
$3 one time fee
Copies may be made if you don't have
them during interview
No extra charge for 9
visits or more, otherwise
$10 on the holiday
Applies on Christmas, New Years Day,
Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Easter, 4th of July
Key pickup/return
$5 each trip
If you decide to keep keys on file,
this charge is waived.

If you live within five miles of
Hanbury Road, and have just one or two
pets, you are eligible for the $15
potty break rate. To double check the
distance, please put in your address.
For clients living over 5 miles,
visits may be limited to once daily.
Enter starting street address:

City, State or Zipcode:
I  pet sit for cats,  friendly dogs, and little critters in the Great Bridge
area, zip code 23322. If you'd like to combine the types of visits, that can
be done.  For clients within 5 miles, I offer a discounted rate for quick
potty break visits.  Due to gas prices, I normally don't visit pets more than
7 miles away. To see if you are close enough, please check with the Yahoo map
above.  For cats, for their safety, I require visits at least once daily.
During all visits I make notes, and during the regular visits I provide
playtime and supervised feedings, and perform other tasks as per your
instructions.  My forms are  detailed, and if you'd like, I can email them to
you in PDF format prior to the complimentary get acquainted interview.   
The Furry Godmother
Pet Sitting in Chesapeake

(252) 368-9123
If you are out of my area, or if I am
unavailable, I will be happy to recommend  
other professional pet sitters.

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* Thank you for taking interest in my rates.  Please note that I do not
overbook my visits, limit the pets I care for to Great Bridge, and take
my job very seriously.  If you hire a younger person, college student,
neighbor, or someone who has very low rates and covers a large area, be
sure to check their insurance and their references. If they have
employees, be sure and check theirs as well, and that the person you
interview is the one that will be coming into your home. Unfortunately,
I have heard of a few sitters in the area that are not recommended, and
our pets are too precious to be neglected or cared for improperly.

These rates are subject to change. Please call to verify.