What do you do for an average pet visit?
Sweet talk, feed, brush if needed, supply fresh water, bathroom breaks, give treats per
your instructions, scoop the litter box, and playtime.  Walks are given upon request, and
always lots of TLC.

What type of pets do you watch?
Cats, friendly dogs, and other small, furry pets.    At this time, I do not pet sit  primates,
or large livestock.  I have also done visits for chickens, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit
crabs, gerbils, snakes, and exotic birds.  

Why do you mention the dogs must be friendly?
Most are friendly and well mannered, and it's rarely an issue.  
If an emergency replacement was needed, they would need to be able to tend to your
pet, whether it was a trusted neighbor or my backups.    If pets are shy, that's okay, but
if they have a history of biting, it's best to contact another professional.

Can my children or neighbors do some of the visits, and you the rest?
Normally I don't pet sit with others coming in, but I totally understand wanting children,
neighbors, or friends help out.  It is expensive having multiple visits in one day, especially  
with just one pet.  I have shared jobs in the past with clients' adult children and
neighbors, and had some things happen that made me leery.  Examples include an unlocked
door,  someone "sleeping over", signs of a party, a messed up kitchen, and signs the pet
wasn't cared for properly. If something isn't right, and I have to put it in a note, it puts
me in an awkward position. I am not implying at all that I don't trust your relatives,
neighbors, or friends, or that they would do any of the above things, but if they don't
know me, and I don't know  them, it is hard for me to share the responsibility.

Do you require anything of the animals?
It is essential that they let me in while you are away,
and that they are current on their rabies vaccination.

What are your office hours?
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday, you may also reach me by email. The fastest way
to reach me is (252) 368-9123.  If you leave a message, it should be returned within 24
hours, unless I am on vacation (which is rare).  If I am not able to do the visits for your
pet, I will be happy to recommend other pet sitters I personally know.

How many times a day will you visit my pet?
That depends on you.  Visits range from a 15-20 minute drop-in to one hour.  Please see
the rates page for details.  An adult dog can usually hold their bladder for 8 hours,
three visits are recommended for them. Cats usually do fine with once a day visits,
unless they are used to being fed twice a day.  For dogs, a popular choice is to schedule 2
regular visits for mealtimes, and one drop-in (potty break) visit for mid-day.  For that
arrangement I give an example of fees on my rates page. You may call me to discuss the
plan that would work best for your pet, and I will quote you a price over the phone.
I have had some clients tell me I have lower rates than other sitters, and I have met
sitters who have rates that are about the same.  This is my only job, and I do it to my best
ability, and with enthusiasm.  I also do not take on more pets than I can handle, and make
sure to leave time for the unexpected (and feeding myself).  *

Will you bring in the mail & newspaper? Empty the trash? Water plants?  Leave the TV on?
Yes, absolutely!  If you have other requests (like feeding your wild birds),
please don't hesitate to ask!

Is your car reliable?
Yes, I bought a new car in April 2016 and we belong to AAA, and have a spare vehicle.

Why does your phone number have a North Carolina area code?
It is my business number, and I chose it using Google's free number service.
Our area code 757 was not available, and 252 is also easy to remember.
Once you are a client, I have a local number I will give you.

Do you have references?
Yes,  I've watched pets for several friends and neighbors, including one of the
veterinarians I've worked for.  I wish you could ask the pets themselves;
they are truly a joy to be employed by.

What is the key duplication and return fee for?
If you've looked at other pet sitters' sites, you may notice two tested keys are
requested; a spare in the chance one breaks, fails to work, or is locked inside.
This is also my policy.  One or both keys may be returned after your service period; there
is a small fee of $5 for arranging to meet you to return the key.  Keys are discreetly
marked. If you aren't able to provide two copies of your key at the get acquainted
interview, a spare key can be made for a fee of $3. If I retain your keys, then it may be
helpful in case you lock yourself out.  This has happened many with different clients, so it
is a distinct possibility!

How do I know what areas you will watch pets in?
Mostly I will watch pets in the 23322 zip code.   The main area I  pet sit in is the area
south of Cedar Road, east of Waters Road, west of Centerville Turnpike, and north of
and including the Edinburgh area.  If  you are unsure,  then please call me to check.  
Depending on how many visits your pet requires a day, I may be able to go a little out of
the area.  Please email or call me to check.  If I'm not in your area, then I may be able to
refer you to other pet sitters I have met in person, including some in Virginia Beach and

What about insurance and bonding?
Through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, I am fully insured for liability.
For bonding, because I am the sole proprietor of my business, and have no employees, I
chose  optional "special property of others' coverage" to protect against mysterious
disappearances, destruction, and breakage (the aspects of bonding).  My insurance
through Pet Sitter's Associates, LLC, is actual insurance, and includes a much broader
scope of personal property coverage.  If you have any further questions or concerns,
please don't hesitate to contact me.

Do you have pets now?
Yes, we have two dogs named Harlowe and Tallulah. The reason I do not have more pets is
because of their expense;  I am the type of owner who will not hesitate to go the extra
mile for them.  We spent part of our daughter's future college fund on repairing torn
ligaments in our dogs' knees, and  wouldn't hesitate to do so again.  For that reason, we
don't have more pets at this time .  I thank God for every day I had with all of my animals,
and miss those who are gone very much .    
The Furry Godmother
Pet Sitting in Chesapeake